Bring The Shirt Home: SustainU’s Bid for The Shirt 2015

In continuation of our support of SustainU, we’re spotlighting a “Bring the Shirt Home” campaign going around campus this week. The Bring The Shirt Home page has received over 1,000 likes and in three days, their video has been viewed over 600 times. The campaign team consists of juniors Lauren Groody and Megan Mannifield and seniors Justin Cunningham and Colleen Wade. Take a moment to watch the video below, produced by senior Caitlin Crommett.

Since 1990, The Shirt has played an integral role in unifying the student body and Notre Dame fans from around the world. Each year, a student committee designs and produces an original shirt, with sales of a given shirt reaching 165,000 units in recent years.

Bring The Shirt Home is a campaign supporting SustainU’s bid for the 2015 “The Shirt” contract. Founded in 2009, SustainU produces 100% recycled, American-made apparel in poverty-stricken areas of our country, such as Appalachia. The employment opportunities offered by SustainU provide these communities with the economic boost they need while producing an eco-friendly product.

Tomorrow, The Shirt Project committee will hear bids from vendors all vying to produce The Shirt 2015. Chris Yura, a former Notre Dame football player and founder of SustainU, will be one of those pitching to win the contract.

It’s time to bring The Shirt home.

If you’d like to support SustainU’s pitch for The Shirt, please like our campaign page, spread the word around campus, and encourage The Shirt committee to pick SustainU.

Bring The Shirt Home is grateful to senior Caitlin Crommett for producing the video seen above. Caitlin is an Entrepreneurship and Film, Television, and Theatre major from Phoenix, AZ. She has worked with socially conscious media companies such as Wayfarer Entertainment in addition to founding the national nonprofit Dream Catchers

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