Who’s Coming to Irish Impact 2014?

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for…the 2014 Irish Impact Conference is this week! Excited for the speakers but wondering who you’ll be sitting next to at all of these events? Take a look at some of the bios given to us by 2014 conference registrants. You may even see your own!

Irish Impact Wordle“I was a founding member of enFocus in 2012 – we are making an impact in the greater South Bend area by infusing intellectual capital into the region’s ecosystem to address real world problems.”

“I’m an Industrial Design major with a dream to use my skills for social good. I have very little prior experience with social enterprise, but am looking for any opportunity to break into the field!”

“I have limited professional experience with social enterprise, but I have a personal interest in imaginative ways of elevating the common good in our communities. I believe human creativity has the potential to contribute to the development of a more just society.”

“As an incoming freshman to the University of Notre~Dame, I have had limited experience in the world of social entrepreneurship. However, for the past 3 years I have been working on a nonprofit organization I founded with several friends called Project Building Excitement for Science and Technology (BEST). This organization aims to excite middle school students about the increasingly important STEM disciplines. Just one month ago I also began working on a start up nonprofit called FairED that is designed to provide free college consulting services to underprivileged students all across the nation.”

“I facilitate mentoring groups at the Juvenile Justice Center in detention with detainees, teaching them virtue theory through literature with the occasional community service projects to benefit the surrounding area businesses and organizations.”

“I am a Notre Dame MBA graduate who chose to stay in South Bend and work to help revitalize this once thriving city that just needed someone to love it.”

“I’m a local serial entrepreneur. I started my first company at age 25.”

“Did an ISSLP (International Summer Service Learning Program) in 2013, very interested in working in social entrepreneurship post-grad.”

“I am a nonprofit leader with an interest in engaging with big thinkers.”

“My wife and I have provided over $500,000 to aspiring social ventures.”

“I am a member of the Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion at Notre Dame, an organization that is an alternative to pay day lenders in St. Joe’s County. Otherwise, I am just a student at ND majoring in economics and am curious how social enterprise can affect local economies across the world.”

“A student interested in social enterprise. I have experience working as the head of ND’s largest student fundraiser, The Shirt Project.”

“Representing SAP and its social entrepreneurship support processes.”

“I am a finance/theology student hoping to end up in social enterprise.”

“I recently joined the Business + Social Purpose practice at Edelman, where we craft and build CSR platforms for top-tier brands. Prior to joining Edelman, I spent time living in southern Mexico working for a nonprofit and prior to that, worked as an intern for Social Enterprise Solutions in Guatemala.”

“I am a student curious to learn more.”

Avid volunteer who is passionate about pursuing a career in social entrepreneurship.”

I have almost no experience with entrepreneurship. However, I am a junior biology at ND looking pursue optometry and am hoping to hear Dr. Kassalow speak about his background and experience in optometry and how that lead him up to where he is now.”

“I am Ashoka’s first in-house legal counsel and work with numerous start-up social entrepreneurs all over the world. I have been involved with law and social entrepreneurship issues for the past seven years and teach a law school course on social entrepreneurship at American University Washington College of Law and Georgetown Law (spring 2015).”

“I researched social enterprise at Catholic Charities USA this past summer as the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Intern.”

The conference kicks off tomorrow night at 5:30pm with a keynote address from Jordan Kassalow, founder and co-chairman of VisionSpring, a not-for-profit social business that ensures affordable access to eyewear everywhere. 

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