SustainU and tinyGive founders added to Irish Impact ’13

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We are very excited about this years conference. The line up of speakers, headlined by social innovation author and speaker David Bornstein, is filling out with an exciting mix of social entrepreneurs, funders and students from around the country. The latest additions are Chris Yura, founder and CEO of SustainU, and Clarence Wardell III, co-founder of

Chris Yura, Notre Dame graduate and football player, will be joining us for the Social Entrepreneur – Lone Hero? panel. After received his Sociology and Computer Applications degree, Chris became a fashion model.  But Chris really wanted to start a company that could not only manufacture and sell socially, economicly and environmentally sustainable apparel, but have it made in the United States that creates good manufacturing jobs for Americans. That is why SustainU is headquartered in his hometown of Morgantown, WV.  You will hear all about Chris at the conference, but read this awesome article in the New York Times about the factory he engaged in Winston-Salem, N.C. that employs the blind to make SustainU t-shirts.


A photo from SustainU’s #EveryShirtHasAStory campaign

Clarence Wardell III is one of the co-founders of, which facilitates “simple and meaningful acts of kindness.” We must state up front that Clarence is a graduate of the University of Michigan, however, we will not hold that against him since he has proven to be an exceptional human being. And last year he sang the Notre Dame fight song when the Irish defeated the Wolverines – we would share it with you but it has mysteriously gone missing on YouTube. Clarence has been researching and testing how to leverage social media for social good for years and will share with us the evolution of, the challenges of raising money on Twitter and online, and how online fundraising can become a part of a social enterprises fundraising and investment strategy. Read more about on Silicon Angel. facilitates simple and meaningful acts of kindness. facilitates simple and meaningful acts of kindness.

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